Improve your Badminton Game with Golden Eagle Shuttlecocks

Improve your Badminton Game with Golden Eagle Shuttlecocks

Badminton players understand the importance shuttlecocks hold in improving their game and making it better. If you are an experienced player or play the game professionally, the quality of shuttlecocks you use can make or break your game.

Golden Eagle can be your brand of choice if you want affordable yet premium badminton shuttlecocks. The brand has been quite popular in the USA since the launch of its flagship GE92 badminton shuttlecocks. They have been selling their shuttles across the globe with much success and love from badminton enthusiasts.

Now that the Golden Eagle brand is finally available in India, you can test the shuttlecocks to experience incredible flight trajectory and hitting feel. Let's take a look at the different GE shuttlecocks available in India.

GE92 BWF-Approved Tournament Feather Shuttlecocks

Do you know Golden Eagle GE92 is the brand's most popular goose feather shuttlecock? Approved by the Badminton World Federation, GE92 feather shuttles are ideal for international-level play.

Only a few feather shuttlecocks are approved by BWF for their quality and consistency. The GE92 is one of them because Golden Eagle has carefully selected grade-A goose feathers and a durable composite cork. The shuttles undergo a rigorous QC process to ensure an overall rating of 9.5/10.

You will find that they are available in two speed options: 76 and 77, which are ideal for Indian weather. If you live in a hotter area such as Sri Ganganagar, Nagpur, Delhi, or Ahmedabad, you can opt for 76 speed as it is best suited for hotter areas. For other regions, 77 is the convenient option because it performs better at sea level.

GE92 is one of the most durable badminton shuttlecocks when compared to other top feather shuttle brands in India. It has a consistent flight trajectory and accurate shot placement to ensure a steady improvement in your game.

GE50 Feather Training Shuttlecocks

Understanding the needs of Indian players who want affordable yet top-quality badminton shuttles, Golden Eagle has introduced GE50 training feather shuttlecocks. Similar to GE92, they are available in 76 and 77 speeds to accommodate the Indian weather.

By using ironed-out goose feathers, the company delivers a solid structure to the shuttles so that they last longer than contemporary training shuttlecocks. If you have been using Aeroclub TR or Li-Ning A2 training shuttlecocks, you will enjoy the feel and handling of GE50.

GE50 feather shuttles are recommended by top players and coaches in the USA. In terms of hitting feel, the feather training shuttlecock is a solid 8/10. It has a stable flight trajectory and accurate shot placement ability to help you train harder and become a better player.

GE351 Nylon Shuttlecocks

Designed in the USA, the GE351 nylon shuttlecocks offer ultimate value for money. They are ideal for beginners who want an affordable and durable shuttlecock for badminton.

The nylon shuttlecocks can be a good option for recreational players who play the game outdoors. Instead of using feather birdies that are critically affected by wind and temperature, the GE351 proves to be a stable partner for a game of badminton in the park or society. The company has also chosen the neon yellow colour for the shuttlecocks for improved visibility under the sky.

In addition to casual play, you can also use it for local tournaments and club-level matches because it comes very close to feather shuttlecocks based on speed, flight pattern, and responsiveness.

Transform your Game!

Choosing the right shuttlecocks is a crucial part of the badminton game. Buying good-quality and durable shuttles is a game-changer when you want to understand your game and improve your skills. If you are thinking of investing in top-quality badminton shuttlecocks, give Golden Eagle shuttles a chance.

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