How to Choose the Best Badminton Strings in India?

How to Choose the Best Badminton Strings in India?

Small but significant: It is the only phrase apt for badminton racket strings. Your racket is as powerful as the strings you have used. If you are a regular player and require the best badminton strings in India, we will help you find one that ticks all your boxes.

First Things First.

The badminton racket strings range from ‚āĻ200 to ‚āĻ1000 and above. But, before you get overwhelmed with the choices available, let‚Äôs get one thing straight: No one best badminton string will suit all players. Yes. The case may be a reality for beginners and recreational players. But, for an experienced player, their choice will depend upon their playing levels, badminton skills, budget, expectations, and restringing frequency.

1. Your Playing Level is of Prime Importance

Depending on your playing level and experience, consider a few key things to buy the best badminton strings in India. Are you a beginner or an experienced player? For example, beginners are still learning the skills of the game, and their racket strings can come under duress in the early sessions. Once you understand the shots and learn how to play them, the strings will not suffer excess wear and tear. So, it is essential to choose a durable badminton string for beginners.

Often, the higher the gauge, the better the durability of the strings. If you are a beginner, you can opt for the Yonex BG65, Yonex BG80 Power, and Li-Ning AP7. Another alternative can be NS 700 Pro badminton strings that deliver all-around performance at an affordable price.

Intermediate and advanced players can opt for a lower gauge (below 0.70mm) to ensure more control over their shots. For example, Yonex Exbolt 63 has a gauge of 0.63mm for more repulsion and control. You can also try the Yonex Aerosonic with a 0.61mm gauge for more power and control. If you want to move beyond Yonex, the Ashaway Zymax¬ģ 62 Fire, and the Li-Ning No. 3 Extra Boost string can be worth your time.

2. Durability, Control, and Power: The Triad of Expectations

What do you expect from the badminton string? Do you require more durability to avoid frequent disintegration of the strings? Or is your goal more control over your shots? Your choice of the best badminton string will depend on your expectations.

"Durability" badminton racket strings have a gauge of 0.70mm and above. The thicker gauge ensures less splintering. And, if you choose the NS700 XT badminton string with a micro-filament outer layer, it can increase the durability substantially.

On the other hand, if you want to add more power to your shots, you need a slightly thinner gauge (0.68mm or below) to ensure quick repulsion and powerful smashes. The popular ‚Äúpower‚ÄĚ strings include Yonex BG80 Power, Yonex BG 66 Ultimax, Yonex Exbolt 65, and Ashaway Zymax 66 Fire Power.

"Control" badminton strings usually have a texture that holds the shuttlecock longer and helps players achieve accurate and precise net shots. Often, front-court doubles players prefer control strings for added "bite" when hitting the feather birdie.

If you are looking for control strings, consider Yonex Skyarc, Ashaway Zymax¬ģ 64 TX, and Ashaway Zymax¬ģ 66 TX. You can also consider the Yonex Exbolt 68 with 0.68mm thickness. In addition to durability, it has better hold and delivers excellent power upon contact. It means you get to enjoy all the benefits in one product.

Additionally, you can choose combination strings that include two strings with different gauge thicknesses for mains and crosses. The best combination/hybrid badminton strings in the market include Yonex Aerobite, Yonex Aerobite Boost, and Ashaway Rogue Duo¬ģ Hybrid String.

3. Your Budget determines your Purchase!

As Indians, we are a price-sensitive society that understands and appreciates the value of money. We are price-conscious and require our purchases to justify their purposes. So, your budget will play a significant role in choosing the best badminton string. If you have an economical purchase in mind, the NS700 XT (Durability) and the NS700 Pro (Durability) racket strings can allow you to restring your racket for just ‚āĻ200. In addition to excellent ROI, the strings last longer than other strings, thus making them the ideal choice for Indian badminton players.

Other affordable badminton strings include Li-Ning AP Turbo 66 and Yonex BG6.

4. Restringing Frequency Makes the Choice Easy

Often, players choose the best badminton string depending on their restringing frequency. If you do not want to restring your racket every couple of weeks, choose a thicker racket string with durability as the key feature.

Understand your existing restringing frequency and the difference between it and your ideal restringing schedule. If you do not require restringing frequently, you can explore strings with higher repulsion power and more control. It will enable you to gain more control over your shots and deliver precise shot placement.

The Practical Approach!

If you are unsure about your playing style and preferences for the racket string, consider stringing different rackets with separate categories of strings and evaluate your game. Once you are comfortable with a string category, you can choose one from available brands. Many brands sell badminton string starter packs to help you test multiple strings and select the best one.

Bonus Tip to Make Your Racket Strings Last Longer!

Did you choose the best racket strings and still face problems? The issue may be in the stringing process. Always choose an experienced stringer to ensure a diligent and accurate racket restringing process. They will take care of the grommets and the racket frame to avoid future issues. Remember that excellent technique will lead to long-lasting racket strings. So, research the best racket stringing services in your area and work only with the most reliable.

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